Friday, October 5, 2012

high five for friday!

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happy friday, y'all!  woo we come weekend!  here are some of our favorites from the week.  linking up with lauren!


my new shoes from tj maxx.  it's ok if you hate them.  i, personally, think they are wonderful.

my mom sent me this picture.  she found all of these items down the front of my two year old's pajamas.  he said he was putting things in his pocket for work. :) 

hello fall flannel!  i will wear this shirt 834 times between now and april.


finally got my car cleaned out.  (kidding.  saw this in mcdonald's parking lot.  made me super thankful that i can see out my windows.)

this adorable decoration is at my friend stacy's house.  notice the wreath in the background. :) 

happy fall!  have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your holiday!  we plan to fill ours with crafting and shopping.... :)


  1. Newest follower from the Blog Hop! Love the shoes and the flannel! :)

  2. Oh, wow-that car is crazy! Just found your fun blog and I'm now following- would love you to visit and if you enjoy my blog, to follow me back :)