Wednesday, October 10, 2012

our make-up must haves

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please forgive us for being m.i.a. the past few days.  life had us hostage. J  with fall coming on, we thought we’d share a few of our make-up must haves with you.  even if you try to keep your face from getting any sun in the summer, it’s bound to happen and we all know that a little glow relieves some of the need for make-up.  but with our skin lightening up a shade or two this time of year, it’s harder to hide those imperfections.  here are a few things that we love:


mark just pinched instant blush tint
i just bought this about a month ago and i love it.  for some reason i’ve always had an aversion to blush.  my cheeks have some color to them and it just hasn’t been as much of a necessity as other things.  but this, i love.  it’s a cream, and while i usually don’t buy them due to breakouts, this doesn’t affect me like that at all.  definitely a new favorite here.  just swipe a bit over the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingers.  it gives me just enough color that i don’t look washed out, but it isn’t harsh.  i use cheeky.

mark imark custom eye shadows
the custom aspect of this product allows you to pick the colors that you want and put them in the snap case.  i love being able to do that versus buying a palette or combo at the store and only using a couple of the colors.  i’ve been using this eye shadow for over a year now.  several people have asked me how i get my eye makeup to stay in place, and i always tell them it’s the imark shadow.  i don’t even need to use a primer anymore.  i have lots of colors, but i’m currently in love with goldi luxe and truffle.

covergirl lash blast mascara
i couldn’t begin to tell you how long i’ve been using this mascara.  i’ve tried lots of others, but i always come back to this one.  it lasts, doesn’t smudge & gives great volume.  if they ever stop making it, i think i might die.


estee lauder double matte foundation
having a baby does lots of crazy things to your body.  apparently in my case it makes your skin super oily.  i’ve had such a hard time finding the right foundation since braxton came along.  i have to use a super light, oil-free moisturizer, but i’ve found that a foundation can make or break the look.  satin and dewy finishes don’t do it for me.  i love this stuff.  i just recently discovered it after reading some reviews and i think it’s a go.  i’ll be honest, it’s pretty liquid-y and doesn’t smell the greatest.  but if it keeps my face from looking like it’s covered in a layer of vaseline, i can deal with that.

amazing cosmetics concealer
i was blessed with hereditary dark circles.  these aren’t the kind that say, “i missed out on a couple hours of sleep last night.”  these are the kind, when left alone, look like i’m dressing as the bride of frankestein.  not a good look for me.  i’ve tried lots of concealers.  so far, this one is the best i’ve come across.  i’m always up for trying something new, but for now, i will stick with amazing cosmetics.  it helps me look more….alive.

stainiac lip stain
i’ll admit it.  lipstick scares me.  i would love to be totally confident with some bright red lips.  but i’m just not there yet.  i got a sample of stainiac in a birchbox and it definitely fits the bill.  it’s buildable, so if you want sheer, it can happen.  but if you want a bolder, brighter lip, just add a couple layers.  it applies like a stain…not satin-y or glossy.  so i can layer my favorite gloss over it.  it lasts forever, too.  if you shy away from lipstick, give a stain a try.  i bet you’ll love it.

we’d love to hear what some of your favorites are.  we’re always game for new make-up. J


  1. I love that mascara too!! I don't know why I ever stray from it- sometimes I'll try out something new because I'm always on the quest for bigger and better lashes, but then I come running back to this stuff because it's the best that I've found!

  2. Great choices! I can't get away from the basics, I love Maybelline's Great Lash mascara!

    Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop, best of luck in this week's giveaway!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net