Tuesday, August 21, 2012

all this brokenness

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broken things annoy me.  most of my dishes are chipped and my spice cabinet door won't latch.  our front porch is crumbling and in desperate need of fixing.
and then there's this issue with our back door.  light gets in around the edges.  i was looking at it the other day contemplating how it could be fixed.  i started thinking about myself and how much work god has done in me in the last year or so.  i came to him a mess.  most people would have laughed at the idea of turning my mess into something wonderful.  but not himhe took all that tarnish and wiped it clean.
that old door-it made me realize something.  it's broken.  cracked.  in need of fixing.  but if it wasn't a mess, the light would never shine through.  my heart is a mess.  always in need of repair.  but the brokenness is what lets the light shine through.
so maybe broken things are good.  maybe i'll leave that old door just the way it is.

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