Thursday, August 23, 2012

august birchbox

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i am happy to announce that i am the official receiver of birchbox!  if you don't happen to know what this is, let me fill ya in.  for $10 a month, i signed up on the birchbox website to receive samples of high-end beauty products.  i am a cheap-o at heart.  but i've learned over the years that you really can't be too good to your skin.  after all, you only get once shot at no wrinkles.  unless of course you pay for an expensive treatment or therapy which probably will cost more than the preventative products in the first place.  anyway, i really like getting these samples before i go out and spend a small fortune on the chance that a product will work with my skin.
here's what i got this month:
i was thrilled with getting this.  no sarcasm, seriously.  going back to the cheapo thing, i've always been too afraid to splurge on stretch mark cream.  but i'm trying out this sample and we shall see....
when i first saw the tube (left side in the picture) i thought it was nail polish.  glad i didn't put it with my nail stuff and never try it out!  love it!  and $20 isn't too awful bad for a good lip gloss.  it goes on smooth with just enough tint. it's not all gloppy like some lip gloss.
man.  i am a sucker for a good perfume.  and i'll be honest--i wouldn't have ever picked this up had i been at the fragrance counter in macy's.  it just doesn't "look" like something i'd choose.  but oh my goodness.  it is divine.
i haven't tried these yet.  i use redken for color-treated hair right now and it's pretty reasonable for professional well on my hair, too!  so even if i do love these, i don't see myself paying that kind of money for shampoo.  but i am excited to try them out. :)
last but not least, they threw in the new schick razor.  birchbox doesn't usually do this, but i am glad they did!  i'm always in the market for a new razor.  haven't tried this out either.  just put a new blade on my schick hydro. :) 
can't wait for next month!  it's like a mini birthday once a month. :)