Tuesday, August 14, 2012

diy jewelry organizer

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meet my jewelry wall.  a whole wall in my spare bedroom dedicated to jewels.  love love love.

my husband and i refer to our spare bedroom as my room because it's where all my clothes are and where i get ready.  pretty much, it's my feminine haven.  most (read: all) things in my house are boy.  trucks, guns (play ones, of course), tractors, sweat, dirt....it's allll boy around here.  this is the place where i go to breathe.  and hopefully smell something lovely.  but i was having such trouble with my jewelry.  always in a heap or a tangle and just so frustrating.  so...i came across this picture on pinterest:

isn't she a beaut?  so i set out to recreate...on the cheap.  i came across this lovely frame at my local goodwill.  work with me here.  try to look through your "what it'll look like with a few coats of paint" goggles.

yep, she's gold.  very gold.  and not even wood.  so i took this bad boy home, did a rough sand, primed it with krylon primer and spray painted it in a couple of coats of valspar satin white.  let me also mention here that i ran across this marvelous idea on pinterest to make your own spray paint.  wonderful!  cheap, easy and a total flop.  doesn't work.  if you happen to have a successful bout with this method, please--let me know!  so now we have a lovely white frame.

after that, leshia and i traced the shape of the frame on some wire with a permanent marker and then clipped it with wire cutters.  we then stapled it to the back of the frame with a staple gun.  voila!  funtional/lovely wall decor! 

i bought two 3/4 dowel rods and stained with minwax provincial.  usually this is a little too red for my taste, but it turned out more walnut-y on the rods.  i also bought some little end caps in the same section as the dowel rods at lowe's.  i stained them and hot glued them to the ends of the rods.  i just guessed at how long i wanted my rods and cut them with my little stanley hand saw.

once that was all done, leshia and i screwed the little hooks into the walls (this can be harder than it looks if you hit a stud.)  the electricity also went out during this process.  we were not going to quit until the jewelry was hung so we did the rest by flashlight. 

and there you have it!  my very own jewelry wall.  let me know if you try it and feel free to send us a picture of your creation! :)


  1. Where did you get the wire?? I absolutely LOVE this. Been looking for a great DIY jewelry holder tutorial, and I do believe I have found it :)

  2. thanks amanda! we're still working on getting the threaded commenting going, so sorry this isn't in a reply. the wire...my mom and dad had it in their garage...haha. but leshia's husband picked up a roll of it at tractor supply. we're going to be adding some to our etsy store as soon as they get done. i looked at lowe's but no luck. and i know at tractor supply you have to buy it by the roll, but it's super cheap. good luck! let us know how it turns out. :)

  3. Ashley Bailey
    Rattling work man, ready your heads last you did it.