Saturday, August 18, 2012

might as well laugh as cry

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hey y'all. :)  has this been a week or what?  i find myself wanting to know a little more about the gals behind the blogs, so here's a peek into my life this past week.

monday night my eye started itching.  just a normal little "oh, got something in my eye" itch.  i rubbed it, went on with my night.  tuesday morning i wake up and notice that something on the right side of my face is SORE.  i realize it's my eye and send up a quick prayer about it.  nothing worse than an eye problem to add something to a random tuesday.  tuesday goes on, the eye gets worse.  it begins to swell and get red.  braxton had some poison ivy on his legs, so i thought maybe that's what it was.  fast forward to wednesday morning. 

elephant man.

the right side of my face was swollen and my eye looked hideous.  what the heck??  my husband threatened my life if i didn't get to the doctor, but i had training in lexington on wednesday and legitimately couldn't make it.  thursday when i woke up my eye was so swollen that i couldn't half see.  i got in with the eye doctor, thankfully, at 9:30 and learned i had an infection in the tube that connects your eye, nose & throat.  seriously...what are the odds?  a couple days on the antibiotic and i'm a new woman.

thursday night.  the new buffalo wild wings opened here in town and i am a huge fan.  so a friend of mine loaded up the kiddos and went to eat supper.  we got there at 6:30 and there was a 30 minute wait, no big deal.  we order our food, and we wait and wait and wait and wait. the server comes back to let us know that the computer system has gone down and our order hasn't been put in yet.  again, no big deal.  we're hungry, but it's the first week, they're busy, we get that.  we finally got our food and it was "licious" as my two year old says.  love that place.  so we get ready to leave and my friend notices that my son's diaper had leaked.  "oh, he must have peed a lot?" i say.  she does a quick mom sniff of her hand and with the most horrendous look on her face says, "um no, he sure did not."  oh. my. gosh.  get us out of here.  i realize that i have no wipes in my purse.  a diaper, yes.  wipes, no.  so i ask casey to wet a BUNCH of towels and meet me in the handicap stall where the changing station is.  except it's locked.  for a long time.  casey's daughter is 5 and the cutest little princess ever.  but she does not do smells.  they make her ill.  while i'm trying to keep braxton as still as possible, poor bella was dry heaving in the bathroom.  it was a sight.  we decided just to go to the car because the stall was still locked and in case of any actual vomit coming from the tiny princess.  as you can imagine, my son rode home in nothing but a diaper. 

i called my husband to see what he wanted me to grab him for supper (he'd had bww for lunch) and he said long john silver's.  i drive up to the speaker.  "can i help you?"  "yes, please, i'd like the fish and chicken platter with fries and corn."  "sorry, ma'am, we're all out of chicken and corn for the night."  and at this point, i was ready for friday.

here's to a new week probably full of more random situations, but still so full of blessing!  thankful for my eyes, for restaurants when i don't feel like cooking, and for my sweet little stinky boy. 

stick around this week for a diy pallet sign, leshia's new fence, and maybe some more fun projects.  i also signed up for a meal plans online and this is my first week.  i'll be sure to let you know how that goes! 


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