Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well, here we are!

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Hi y’all!  Welcome to our brand new blog!  We are so excited to finally be up and running!  Big thanks to Nina at Nina’s Design Studio for all of her fabulous work on the blog! 

You can learn a little more about each of us under our “about us” tab.  But just to give you a little background—we are two twenty (ahem, thirty) something ladies chasing a big dream.  We love, love, love dressing up our homes, our closets and our faces. Girly girls in so many aspects, but consider yourself warned—we live in a tiny town in Kentucky so you miiiiight see some camo on here every once in a while.  Our husbands spend their free time hunting and gathering.  (That is possibly a bit of an overstatement.)   Matter of fact, both of us hunt, too.  And it is quite a sight to behold. 

Anyway, we hope that you stumble across something on our blog that you find helpful.  Whether it’s a project, a pretty little outfit, or a recap of a crazy day, know that we’re so excited to be here sharing it all with you!  Thanks for stopping by! 

We’d love to hear from you, so comment below or shoot us an email! 


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