Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the black plank fence

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happy hump day! 

i've been wanting a black farm fence around my driveway since we built our house 7 years ago.  i just think they add something so personal--a grand entrance to make people feel welcome before they even step foot inside.  and as you can see.....i finally got it. :)  here are some pictures to show you the process.  we did it ourselves (with the help of some great friends) and i'm glad we did.  it only took a couple days, but the payoff will last as long as we're here!

here's a before picture.  check out the mailbox.  it's been run over or the victim of a baseball bat, oh i'd say at least 12 times.  little wobbly.
post holes? check.
posts in and planks on!  if you ever tackle this project, make sure that you paint the posts before you nail the planks on.  otherwise you'll be trying to figure out how to get the paint in all the nooks and crannies.
here's a view of the other side.  this is the side we drive in from. 
all painted!  that was my job.  fence paint is messy.
ahhh, i just love it.  adds something special, don't ya think?
notice anything different? :)  painted, new numbers, and actually straight!  hopefully it lasts a little longer this time.
and there you have it, folks.  my very own black plank fence.  maybe this will inspire you to add a touch of curb appeal to your home!
(p.s.--this is leshia.  for some reason blogger won't let me sign in so it's posting as katie.)

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  1. Hmm... your black fences look great outside your home. It created a sort of privacy on your property, which is good due to your wide space. And installing fences brings a blanket of security from any harm.