Thursday, August 30, 2012

my ana white craft table

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we have a bonus room that was previously the “man cave” for the hubby of course.   you know, deer heads, fish, and ducks hanging on the walls.   big screen tv and surround sound.   typical man cave.   well cb later built a garage where he now houses all these lovely stuffed animals, boats, fishing gear, tools, and even has a tv and running water.  basically I never see him now. :)  i’ve always had a love for decorating and normally would go to the nearest store and purchase whatever fancied me at the time paying no attention to prices much less clearance aisles.  i used to hate looking through all the picked over clutter everywhere.   maybe because my mother was a pack rat and kept everything.  i like a clean, simple room with zero clutter.   recently i have found my love of crafting , building, and repurposing but i had nowhere to work on stuff.   man cave.... why not a woman cave?!   great idea, right?  i pretty much had everything i needed already except for a big table where i could work on my projects and store a few things.  i searched the internet and came across Ana White.  what an amazing website for do it your self-ers like my husband and me.   i found the perfect plan, printed it out, and headed to the nearest lowe’s.  my husband and i work pretty well together, but this was our first furniture project.   we definitely learned a lot, and of course made plenty of mistakes.  but all in all we both were pretty proud of what we built!  i love it!   it is big enough to scatter all my different projects all over and have everything right in front of me.  even big enough for the kiddos to gather around while we work on projects together. J    i grabbed a few baskets, boxes, and jars to organize all my goodies and there you have it.   the perfect craft table for the perfect woman cave! J
in the makings.  notice man cave.
jars and boxes from ikea, baskets from wal-mart.
so, seriously, check out Ana White.  get inspired. :)


  1. i have desk/cabinet envy! i wish i had a great space like this :)


    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth! It is great having a space of my own.

  2. I love this table!!!! it is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC Hop!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Love the 'woman cave'. That's a great work table. Enjoy! Going to check out Ana White too. Tks