Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bedroom series part two: covering a boxspring

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i've been doing a bedroom re-do.  like i've said before, this is really the first time we've done much with our room since we moved here.  i will post before and after pictures at the end of the bedroom series.
i saw an idea on pinterest to cover a boxspring in burlap.  i love burlap.  it adds just enough rustic/vintage touch and is neutral and goes anywhere.  i looked up a tutorial for covering a boxspring that included cutting, seaming, ironing, all that wonderful stuff.  i didn't have the time or know-how for all that, so i decided to wing it.  my sister got married in july and had lots of burlap table runners left over.  they were the perfect size and didn't require any cutting!  time saver.
i called leshia to come help me and here's what we did:
(oh, and in case you didn't know...boxsprings only have wood on one side of the frame.  i assumed i'd be able to staple both sides but no such luck)
never fear.  scotch multi-purpose adhesive to the rescue.  as leshia would say, this stuff is some bad mamma jamma.  we didn't know if it would work or not, but it sure did!  stuck like super glue.  make sure you lay a towel down under whatever you're spraying.  this stuff is hard to get off....

leshia's after hands. :)  and don't even attempt to wash it off.  it will come off when it's good and ready.
we just started on a side and started spraying and sticking.  when it came time for a seam, we just overlapped enough that it wouldn't show.  on the corners we sort of did them like you would when wrapping a present.  fold and tuck.  spray lots here and hold to dry. 
see how smooth they turn out?  hardly noticeable!
next just flip that bad boy over (after giving it a few minutes to dry) and staple away.  get staple happy here.  you want it to be secure.
see how finished that looks versus a plain ole boxspring?  you can buy a cover for, oh, say $80.  or you could use a sheet.  but i like the burlap and how tight it is.  no worries about it bunching up and pulling like that fitted sheet in the picture is.
so for this project you need:
scotch multi-purpose adhesive
burlap (or another fabric of your choosing)
staple gun
lots of staples
easy as that!  cheap, too. :)  my kind of project!

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  1. Looks fantastic! I'm a big fan of burlap too--so rustic yet chic! Well done :)

    Something Ivory

    1. thanks, kate! loving your blog, too. it makes me feel pretty just reading it! :)

  2. oh man....do i know about trying to get adhesive off your hands. just give up and let it run it's course. :)

    i'm your newest follower from the hop! where in the south are you from? i'm in alabama over here.

    delirious rhapsody

    1. agreed, deanna! we even tried alcohol and gave up.

      so glad to have all these hop buddies! i'll check you out, too! we're in kentucky. :)

  3. Love the burlap! What a great "no sew" idea :) Looking forward to checking out your blog.

  4. what a great way to add texture and simplicity. I love it!