Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the bracelet

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i never sit on pinterest for hours. that's a bold faced lie. i love it. it takes up lots of time, makes my list of "to do" grow longer and longer, all the while my wallet getting smaller and smaller. no, seriously. i can thank pinterest for this blog post.
i saw this gorgeous turquoise and white bracelet that i wanted to make. it's one of those three-strand beaded ones. i didn't think it looked too awfully hard.... i couldn't have been more wrong. first of all, it requires supernatural, god-given patience of which i do not have and forgot to pray for that day. secondly, it requires 20/-5 vision and i also am lacking in that area. i just got reading glasses.
but before i learned all that i went to michael's and got all my goodies to embark on this diy journey. i set out to make this for katie, and since i knew she already had plenty of turquoise, i went with coral. so this being my first time making any sort of jewelry, i was a tad bit overwhelmed in the huge jewelry section in michaels. how in the world are there possibly that many clasps to choose from? i eventually stumbled across some thin wire that looked strong enough to hold the beads i had chosen and i was finally able to decide on a clasp.
side note: if you haven't already noticed, i am not much of a planner. that's where katie comes in. i am notorious for "running to the store" to get everything i need, only to find out that i don't have what i need at all. i am telling you all this to make you aware that this exact scenario also happened with this bracelet. i got so frazzled trying to make this, that i forgot to take pictures through the process. for that i apologize--i will try to do better next time. :)
the easy part was beading the wire. the hard part was tying the knots. next time i will try to show you pictures of how to tie knots and how not to tie knots. i was working on this late at night and i finally asked cb to come help me. he tied those knots like a pro! all the fishing has finally paid off. :) credit here goes to my hubby! this is the first time katie's seeing her bracelet, too, so katie--here's the jewelry cb made you! ha!

so here's the finished product. not too bad for my first try! when i get a little more practice under my belt, i hope to have some of these for the etsy shop.
have you ever had any jewelry making experience? if so, what are your tricks of the trade?


  1. um, i love it! take it off your wrist and pass it on to its rightful owner!! :)

  2. This turned out so great! Looks like something you would find in a store! And Your guys' blog is so cute!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)

  3. Thanks Sapir, I tried. Haha! Will be checking your blog out too :)