Tuesday, September 11, 2012

style statement tuesday

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The Only Ten I See

happy tuesday, y'all!  today (and tuesdays in the future), we're linking up with jessica @ the only ten i see.  i found her blog through our friday linkup with lauren @ from my grey desk.   

you can read more about this on her blog, but she found out about "style statements" from some fellow bloggers.  a style statement is a 2-3 word phrase that you use to describe your style.  i've stewed over this but i think i finally narrowed it down.  i like a classic look, and i can make classic pieces last a loooong time.  but i'm also a sucker for a good trend.  it might take a while to grow on me, and some i never do like, but there are times when i think some animal print or polka dots or colored jeans really make an outfit.  my style statement is classic trendy

it's also important, once you narrow down your style, to choose a style icon--someone who can be your "go-to" for inspiration.  i've chosen kate middleton.  she's so classic, but she adds trendy items or colors, as well.

exhibit a:  classic blazer with trendy skinnies.
exhibit b: a classic peplum dress, belted.
exhibit c: classic cardi with skinny and knee-high boots.
catch my drift? :)
what's your style statement?  join us on tuesdays as we venture through our closets and possibly some sale racks!