Thursday, September 20, 2012

emeals review

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happy thursday, y’all!  almost made it to the weekend!  today i want to tell you all about the most fabulous meal plan i’ve ever come across.  i have tried lots.  i am a hopeless planner, scheduler, spreadsheeter, etc.  i have attempted lots of menus, meal plans, grocery apps on my phone, you name it. 

i am also an avid fan of dave ramsey, so one day on his website, i ran across an ad for emeals.  i checked out their info and it looked like it would work for us.  it’s just my husband, my two year old and myself, so i decided to go with the menu plan for two.  i was afraid it wouldn’t be enough food, but i always have enough to take for lunch the next day.  i shop at kroger—it’s our local grocery store here in the ky area.  they have a meal plan specifically for the items on sale at kroger that week.  how cool is that?! 

y’all, i have cut our grocery budget in half.  now granted, the meal plan doesn’t include breakfast and lunch, but i’ve been taking leftovers for my lunch and how much does a box of granola bars cost?  i’ve been spending roughly $50 a week.  i’m sure there are people who spend way less, and some who spend way more.  this seems like a good number for us.  we still have plenty of meat (at the hubby’s request), but the variety is probably better than i could come up with on my own.  there’s always a bit of tweaking involved to work around eating habits, but it’s relatively easy with this plan.  there’s at least one crock-pot meal each week.  i just can’t say enough about this…i’m in love! 

it costs roughly $5 a month for this menu.  so what can you sacrifice for that?  oreos, brand names, soft drinks...get creative.  there are also coupon codes available here!

working forty hours a week and coming home with no plan about what to make for my family can be pretty depressing for a type a like myself.  this takes all the guess work out and the plan is already made for me.  voila!  seriously.  check it out.  you will thank me for it.

*side note: emeals is not sponsoring this post and does not have a clue who i am.  i just really like them. :)