Thursday, September 6, 2012

diy nightstand

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this old stool had been sitting in my basement since we moved in three years ago.  it was just awkward sitting alone anywhere and to be honest, i hated the color and the finish.  it's solid wood, but that shiny honey oak just wasn't doing it for me.

i saw this idea on pinterest (surprise, surprise) to turn your old bar stool into a night stand.  perfect!  we needed an extra night stand in our newly updated room and i'm not all into the matchy, matchy so this was a perfect idea since we only had the one stool.  (don't ask me how that happened.)

here's what i started with:

an old barstool (sanded to get the finish off)
an old rag
a piece of plywood that leshia's husband cut into a circle for me--we measured the top of the stool and went 2" out on each side

i put two coats of the stain on the stool and it was still a bit light for me, so i added a coat of minwax provincial, too.  it darkened it up nicely, but by itself i think it would have been too red.  i like to use a rag for projects like this instead of a brush.  sometimes brushes apply the stain too thick and leave runs in places you can't see.

after i let that dry, i painted the top with a coat of a satin paint.  sorry, i'm not sure of the name of it.  it was just something we had down in the basement.  i wasn't happy with the still looked a little "undone", so i sanded the edges and rubbed stain where i sanded to distress it a bit.  after that dried, i applied two coats of polyurethane to seal it from any wear and tear.  

here's the finished product.  i do love it!  

oh, and i attached the top to the stool with a nail.  can't see it a bit, now.  you could also use glue or epoxy of some kind. 

enjoy! :) 


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  1. I love turning old shabby furniture pieces into something new!! Also I agree with you on matchy-matchy...better to be eclectic :)

    Something Ivory