Thursday, September 27, 2012

september birchbox

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it's that time again!  that time of the month when i walk to my mailbox and find my tiny little brown box all full of goodness.  i love it.  maybe i'm just a sucker for surprises or it makes me feel important to get good mail.  i don't know.  all i know is this little box gets me darn near as excited as a sale rack.

ok, let's start there on the left with the royal blue polish.  my first thought was "eeeek"....but i actually tried it on my nails and decided it would be pretty great with a neutral outfit. 
next, in the back, we have some mighty leaf tea company teas.  i haven't tried them yet because honestly, it slipped my mind, but now that i've remembered them i'm pretty excited to light my pumpkin candle and drink some tea!
we also have a twistband.  cute little way to throw your hair up.  this one is printed like red lace.  nice little burst of color.
front left corner is jouer matte moisture tint.  i'm kind of disappointed this came this time of year just because i'm more apt to use a tinted moisturizer in the summer when my face has some color.  when i get pale i feel like i need more coverage.  i am kind of intrigued by the "matte" finish. 
front middle is boscia oil-free nightly hydration.  i've been using this and i have to say i love it.  before my son was born i would've said i had combination skin.  now it is defiitely oily and i have a hard time finding products that don't make me feel even greasier.  this doesn't and i love it.
front right is twirl by kate spade.  heavenly.  so feminine.  i want the biggest bottle they sell, please and thank you.
remember you can get all these products at birchbox!  i'm usually too much of a tightwad to spend $10 a month on something like this, but honestly, i'm hooked.  i love that i can try out products (such as the boscia) to see if it works for me before i buy it.  the tube in the box would probably cost $10 itself, so not a bad deal, really. 
while we're on the subject of beauty products, what are some of your favorites?  i plan on doing some reviews and telling you my take on some of the stuff i've tried.  any feedback or recommendations would be appreciated.  happy almost friday! :)